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Carlos G. das Neves, DVM PhD

Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
Section of Arctic Veterinary Medicine

Carlos G. das Neves
Postdoctoral researcher / Associate Professor
Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
Department of Food Safety and Infection Biology,
Section of Arctic Veterinary Medicine, Tromsø.
Phone: +47 77665410
E-mail: carlos.dasneves @

Dr. Carlos G das Neves is a Portuguese postdoctoral researcher at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science – Section of Arctic Veterinary Medicine and an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Tromsø in northern Norway.

After obtaining his degree in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from Lisbon Technical University in Portugal in 2004 Dr. Carlos das Neves started his PhD at the Section of Arctic Veterinary Medicine of the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science in Tromsø, Norway. His thesis, defended in 2009, was focused on Cervid herpesvirus 2 infections in reindeer in Norway.

Dr. Carlos das Neves has since then continued to work in virology of arctic mammals, mostly reindeer and seals. His work ranges from epidemiological studies of viral infections in the Arctic to molecular aspects of viral pathogenesis of herpesvirus and discovery of new viruses in reindeer and other arctic animals. Dr. Carlos das Neves also holds an associate professor position at the University of Tromsø at the Department of Comparative Medicine dealing mostly with animal welfare and use of animals for scientific experiments being responsible for the course in field work animal experimentation.

As of 2012 he has published 9 scientific articles on reindeer topics in international journals and has over 20 poster/oral presentations in international conferences. Dr. Carlos das Neves received in 2008 the Terry Amundson Award of the Wildlife Disease Association.

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