Reindriftsforvaltningen Nordforsk

Work packages and timeframe

A summary of the different work packages on this project and the timefram from 2011 to 2013.
The establishment of this network will take place along the 3 coming years (2011-2013) using a step-by-step approach of different working packages.

WP1 – Launching meeting for RANGIFER HEALTH – Oslo, January 2011
The aims of this seminar will be to allow a first contact among all researchers, present and discuss the best ways to proceed with the different working packages, present the work of each group and start evaluating possible synergies and open topics for future research as well as start discussing and preparing both the Nordic assessment on reindeer health research and the PhD/master course on reindeer health In cooperation with the network CARMA and our American network partners.

WP2 – Establish a web platform for networking and website for scientific and public information - October 2010 to October 2011
In cooperation with an ongoing project involving Norway, Sweden and Finland the aim will be to use a web platform as Project Place or others to exchange information, carry out net-meetings, publish information, share databases etc among the different partners. At the same time a webpage on the network will be implemented to provide researchers, third partners and the general public a broader knowledge and updated information on reindeer health topics across the Arctic. This will further contribute to the communication of scientific results, and promotion of the network.

WP3 - Make a detailed assessment of present research and future needs in reindeer health investigation in the Nordic European countries as a tool to better establish new cooperative projects - 2011
Produce a guiding document for researchers, academic institutions, business/industry partners and government/management authorities on the present status of reindeer health research in the Arctic, namely in the Nordic Europe area and access the needs in research for the coming years. This assessment will also enable to increase the sharing of infra-structures/equipment and techniques avoid unnecessary duplication of activities but rather distribution of scientific tasks among network partners.

WP4 - Organization of a seminar for PhD/Master students on reindeer health - summers 2012 and 2013.
Organize a seminae for PhD and Master students on reindeer health for siscussion amont students and interaction with senior researchers in the field of reindeer health.

WP5 – RANGIFER HEALTH annual seminars (2012 and 2013)
Organization of annual meetings for to the network during the PhD seminars to discuss scientific progresses in different projects and prepare/launch/discuss future scientific applications. These meetings can also serve for gathering other researchers working on reindeer relevant subjects (ecology, climate change, etc…) to increase cooperation.

WP6 – PhD/Master students’ scholarships program – 2011 to 2013
To implement in partnership with other funding agencies national and international scholarships for students on the different research groups of this network to participate in the reindeer health courses of 2011/2012 or other relevant scientific international meetings to present their results and work.

WP7 – Mobility program – 2011 to 2013
To implement and together with other funding bodies facilitate/promote the exchange of researchers and students. These exchanges are aimed at increasing the scientific potential of each group by complementing their activities in a partner research group/institution. Field work activities can also be considered as a part of this mobility program which can take place in the network institutions (full member and associated partners).

WP8 – RANGIFER HEALTH and society – 2011 to 2013
To conduct meetings/seminar and other activities in the different countries where members of the network can meet with third groups (academia, funding agencies, management bodies, NGOs, business and industry partners) to discuss reindeer health topics, promote the network and enhance cooperation in science and education namely the creation of PhD in academia/industry partnership.

Network working packages timeframe


SEMINAR: Reindeer husbandry as a resource for the society

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Uppsala - SWEDEN
3-4 December 2012
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SEMINAR: Animal Welfare in reindeer husbandry

Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH)
13th December 2012
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