Reindriftsforvaltningen Nordforsk

Network goals and objectives

A small description of the goals of Rangifer Health Network
With the fulfillment of the different working packages the following objectives are expected to be achieved:

• Increased cooperation between more than 30 researchers and 25 students from 7 countries working on reindeer health related topics
• Creation of a web platform for facilitating discussions, meetings and exchange of information
• Sharing of infrastructures and knowledge among the partners to avoid duplication of projects and unnecessary equipment/time expenses
• Mapping of current knowledge on reindeer health and identification of future research needs
• Specific education of students and professional working with reindeer on health related topics by participation on the network courses
• Sharing of databases and sample banks among the different network members as a way to increase scientific output and avoid unnecessary samplings and fieldwork
• Cover scientific areas/topics on reindeer health that might not be currently developed in some of the partner countries
• Create a network for reindeer health surveillance/early detection across Nordic countries
• Creation of a webpage for sharing of relevant information on reindeer health with the general public, namely students (undergraduates) and business/management/government partners
• Create a structure that can be called upon by management/government bodies for providing scientific expert opinions for surveillance and management on/of reindeer health.
• Increase the participation of Nordic countries in Arctic science namely by increase cooperation with CARMA, ACIA, Arctic Council and other bodies working with/on Arctic topics.
• Increase the public/industry/government awareness for the importance of health for an integrated approach on management or husbandry of reindeer
• Increase the public/industry/government awareness of health as an important aspect to consider under the current climate and human driven changes occurring in the Arctic.
• Increase the cooperation among research groups in order to design scientific projects enhancing funding opportunities with national and international funding agencies.


SEMINAR: Reindeer husbandry as a resource for the society

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Uppsala - SWEDEN
3-4 December 2012
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SEMINAR: Animal Welfare in reindeer husbandry

Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH)
13th December 2012
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